Automation Testing for Beginners

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So you have caught yourself in a situation where you find manual testing boring as well as your business demands automation???

Or you are working in an organization that is dedicated to testing and your colleagues have the guts to dive into automation testing!!!

Here is how you can induce every manual tester into automation.

Why do so?

Manual testing is as good as automation testing, just used differently and with different purposes. One surely cannot replace another but some projects do  differ from others and you sometime face situations in which a software literally demands automated testing.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation means using an automation tool to execute your created test cases. The automation tool can also feed your particular test data into your system. Under test, the automation tool compares the actual results against the expected results and also generates test results. Using a test automation tool, it’s possible to record test suites and re-play it as and when required. Once the test suite is automated, human intervention is not required.
Goal of Automation Testing is to reduce the number of test cases which are happen to run manually and not eliminate Manual testing altogether.

Automation Process:-

  1. Test Tool Selection
  2. Define scope of automation
  3. Planning, design and development.
  4. Test Execution.
  5. Maintenance.

Benefits of automation testing:-

  1. Human intervention is not required while execution.
  2. Reusable test scripts.
  3. Improved accuracy.
  4. Reliable in results.
  5. Saves time and cost.

Why automation testing?

  1. Manual testing of all workflows, fields and negative scenarios is time and cost consuming.
  2. It is difficult to test multi lingual sites manually.
  3. Automation does not require human intervention. You can run automated tests unattended (overnight).
  4. Automation increases speed of test execution and test coverage.
  5. Manual testing might become boring and hence error prone.

Automation testing has changed the world of testing in a number of ways. It provides an approach that goes right across the application lifecycle model to promote business success. It helps in increasing productivity, lowering cost and speeding up testing time.

To get into automation testing, over the next few months/years you need to start working on it. At a brisk but comfortable pace, that’s 1-2 hours a day.

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